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  • 1. Place the blue corn tortilla chips onto a plate or bowl.

    2. Dollop the Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus on top of the chips.

    3. Spoon Sabra Classic Guacamole and pico de gallo onto the tortilla chips on either side of the hummus.

    4. Sprinkle black olives, pickled jalapenos (if you’d like, ‘cuz that’s your business) and fresh chopped cilantro.


    **Serve extra hummus, pico, guac, black olives and lime wedges on the side**


We know it’s been tough to find some Sabra products in store lately! Rest assured, our dedicated team is working hard to make sure your favorite hummus varieties are back on shelf as soon as possible.

We are upgrading our facility, which has slowed the production and distribution of Sabra hummus (we humbly suggest you check out our delicious guac in the meantime.) As a result, the store locator below may not have the most current product availability information. We encourage you to call or visit your local store online to double check what is in stock at any given moment.

Feel free to call us at  888-957-2272 with any questions or to let us know which favorite flavor you’re missing most. Keep an eye here for updates as we gear up for a hummus-filled summer together!

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