Welcome to our new look!

In the coming weeks you will notice some exciting changes on Sabra products. We’ve given our products a face lift on the outside, while keeping everything inside as freshly flavorful as always!

Fresh plant-based ingredients take center stage on Sabra’s updated packaging.


Explore the New Sabra Logo

The updated logo reimagines the Sabra sun as a chickpea sun. This iconic image always reminds us of a Mediterranean heritage, where the warm sun invites us to gather together and enjoy fresh food and connections.Sabra Logo


The chickpea sun is surrounded by 5 sesame seed inspired rays. Chickpeas and tahini (a delicious paste made from sesame) are at the heart of what makes hummus great!

Sabra Sun

The five rays of the sun represent Sabra’s five core values:

  • Openness
  • Trust
  • Passion
  • Caring
  • Daring

These values motivate, inspire and drive everything we do and every product we bring to the table for you.


Discover the New Sabra Label

We’ve reoriented the label from horizontal to vertical but don’t worry! You can still see clearly through to the beautiful swirls of hummus.

Sabra Products

The updated label featuring a brighter design and color-coded flavor differentialtion is designed to will help you find your favorite Sabra products quickly and help you discover new flavors. 


And we took some fresh photos of our truly special ingredients – the freshly flavorful plant based foods that lend such a delicious flavor to each and every bite.

Sabra Photography

All Sabra products begin in the sunlit Sabra kitchen, created by Chef MaryDawn and tasted with the Sabra team until we know we have something so incredible, we can’t wait to share it with you.


“We are thrilled to introduce a fresh look for Sabra at an exciting time in the food world. Cultivating a natural evolution for this unique brand, we sought to enrich the way we communicate visually with consumers on shelf and on pack. From the Sabra sun which is recast as a chickpea evoking the warmth at the heart of the Mediterranean, to fresh ingredients shot in sunshine on a kitchen cutting board, the new designs enhance flavor expectation and beautifully convey Sabra’s brand personality and promise.”