The Sabra Mission

To create fresh-tasting, better-for-you food with ingredients that exceed industry standards.

Responsible Sourcing

It’s good for people. Good for our company. Good for the environment.
It’s just plain good.

Meet the family farmers we proudly entrust to grow our Sabra chickpeas.
One of our finest examples of this practice is, all our non-GMO chickpeas are from Family Farmers.
From the Palouse region of the US Pacific Northwest (Idaho, Oregon and Washington states).

Certified Ingredients

We evaluate every single ingredient we use, so you can feel good about every Sabra product you eat.

Whether you’re looking for Non-GMO, Gluten Free or Kosher we’ve got you covered.


*Varies by product, check package for all certifications

Sabra’s Pearl Center of Excellence

Everything Starts in the Kitchen

The Kitchen at the Pearl Center of Excellence is where all Sabra recipes begin.

Here, we gather around a communal table to come up with bold new dip and spread ideas for Sabra lovers like you.

We taste, touch, smell, chop, blend and share flavorful foods. We warm fresh pita bread. We roast eggplants. We toast sunflower seeds. We eat with our hands. We talk with our mouths full. And we love every delicious minute of it. (But then, who wouldn’t?)

Pearl Center Kitchen

We also feed our insatiable appetite for insights into what our customers want next, with a special focus on recipes that not only taste great, but conform to various dietary and lifestyle needs, as well.

Pearl Center Kitchen

Granted, with so much tasty R&D going on, we spend a lot of time in the Kitchen. But we’re still keenly aware of the world outside its walls. We stay closely connected to the environment around us, and strive to foster sustainability. So much so, our hummus manufacturing facility is Gold LEED-certified.

Pearl Center Kitchen

We could go on and on about Sabra’s Pearl Center of Excellence, but we think our Chief Technology Officer’s quote says it all:

The Center of Excellence is where art meets science as we continue to change the way consumers around the world experience and enjoy wholesome and fresh ingredients transformed into delicious foods.

Fully enclosed cooking factory

Food Safety

Fully enclosed cooking for
totally amazing hummus

It begins the instant ingredients arrive at our facility. All our products are cooked in a sealed system, safely protected from contaminants, then rigorously tested every two minutes to ensure they meet our insanely high standards.